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fine art in miniature paul eaton

Paul was born 1955 in London and soon moved to the countryside in the Surrey Hills. This is where his love of wildlife started and has enabled him to produce sculpture with absolute finite detail. He is a professional Goldsmith and Silversmith and his sculpture forms part of his business in the UK.

Paul carves his original sculptures from wax, which are then cast in either solid bronze or silver. A mould is taken from the original, which he produces more waxes to cast individually. Every sculpture is hand finished by Paul meaning that each piece is individual and unique.

Over the last 10 years Paul has entered and been invited to enter Miniature Art Exhibitions all over the world, Paul has won awards for his sculptures and has also been lucky enough to have Societies offer him signature membership and carry their initials after his name. The two most prestigious sets of initials that Paul is honoured with are Vice President for Sculpture for The Royal Miniature Society (VPRMS) and he is a Miniature Artist of America (MAA). 

The following sculptures are available to buy and shipping can be arranged worldwide. Please contact the office

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  • For Sale

. 'Mirror of Hawks’ 
Solid Bronze & Sterling Silver Sculpture
H 2.5” x W 1.5” x D 1”
£730.00 + shipping 

For Sale

. ’Need to cool down’ 
Solid Bronze Sculpture 
H 1.5” x W 3” x D 3”
£595.00 + shipping 

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  • For Sale

’The Duke’ 
Solid Bronze Sculpture 
H 3.5” x W 2.5” x D 2.5” 
£595.00 + shipping 

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  • For Sale

’The Stand’ 
Solid Bronze Sculpture 
H 4” x W 2.5” x D 3” 
£895.00 + shipping 

  • For Sale
  • For Sale

. ’Tuxedo Toucans’ 
Solid Sterling Silver Sculpture 
H 2” x W 1.5” x D 1”
£885.00 + shipping 

fine art in miniature paul eaton
Blossom Picking

Line of Sight

fine art in miniature paul eaton
Buzzing with Life


fine art in miniature paul eaton
Flying Home

Wait for Me


Tiny Dancer


2020 - DSWF (David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation) - Shortlisted for Wildlife Artist of the Year 2020 Exhibition with 'The Lone Mariner' & 'Ice on Snow' | MASF - 1st Prize Sculpture & Scrimshaw Award for 'Dipping In'. 

2019 - MPSGS - 2nd Prize Sculpture Award for 'The Brace' | Seaside Art Gallery - 2nd Best in Show for 'Tiny Dancer' | Dog & Horse Fine Art & Portraiture - A selection of Pauls Sculpture, Jewellery and Jewellery with Miniature Paintings by Beth de Loiselle were exhibited at 'An Evening with The Masters' | MASF - Paul was honoured to be the Judge at this year’s Annual International Exhibition. 

2018 - Society of Animal Artists (SAA) – Associate Member Paul has been accepted as an Associate member | MPSGS – 2nd Prize Sculpture Award for ‘Still Fishing’ (Kingfisher) | Heartland Art Guild  - Best of Show for 'Emperor Rising' (Emperor Penguin) | Seaside Art Gallery - 3rd Place Overall in Show for 'Pure Nectar' (Hummingbird) | MASF – 3rd Prize Birds & Animals Award for ‘Wait for Me!’ (Elephants).

2017 - MPSGS – 2nd Prize Sculpture Award for ‘Sitting Tight’ (Woodcock) | Seaside Art Gallery - 2nd Place Overall in Show for 'Surfs Up!' (Loggerhead Turtles) | MASF –1st Prize Sculpture & Scrimshaw Award for ‘Nest Building’ (Ospreys).

2016 - MPSGS – 1st Prize Sculpture Award for ‘Danger from Above’ (Starlings) | RMS– ‘Bidder & Bourne’ prize for ‘Precious’ (Emperor Penguins) | Seaside Art Gallery – Best Sculpture Award for ‘The Family Spoonbill’ | MASF – 3rd Prize Birds & Animals Award for ‘Trust Me’ (Boxer Dog)

2015 - MPSGS – Honorable Mention for ‘Skyfall’ (Bald Eagles) | Hilliard Society – The Geoff Hunt Memorial Award for ‘Ocean Ballet’ | Seaside Art Gallery – Best Sculpture Award for ‘Touching the Surface’(Skimmers) | MASF – 2nd Prize Sculpture & Scrimshaw Award for ‘Touching the Surface’ (Skimmers)

2014 - MPSGS –3rd Prize Sculpture Award for ‘There’s Always One!’ (African Elephants) RMS– ‘Bidder & Bourne’ prize for his collection of sculptures | Dog & Horse Gallery – Paul was invited to exhibit a collection of his dog sculptures | Seaside Art Gallery – ‘Best in Show’ with ‘Where are you going?’(Curlews).

2013 - MPSGS – ‘2nd Place Sculpture Award’ for his ‘I was here first’ (Eastern Painted Turtles) RMS –Elected Vice President for sculptures within the RMS, gains initials ‘VPRMS’ | MPSGS – Invited to be a Full Member, can now carry ‘MPSGS’ after his name | Miniature Artists of America (MAA) –The Society recognizes the best practitioners of miniature art being exhibited in America and membership is by invitation only. Paul was nominated and unanimously voted to become a member of the society which entitles him to carry MAA after his name | MASF –1st Prize ‘Sculpture & Scrimshaw Award’ for ‘Splash’ and can now carry MASF after his name.

2012 - MPSGS – ‘First Place Sculpture Award’ for his Family of Spoonbills | RMS – Awarded a Full Member of the Society and can now carry ‘RMS’ after his name. Paul was elected to join the RMS council | World Federation Miniaturists – ‘Best Sculpture Award’ | Hilliard Society – Paul was awarded ‘HS’ after his name | MASF - 1st Prize ‘Sculpture & Scrimshaw Award’ for his Northern Bobcat.

2011 - MPSGS – (Miniature Painters, Gravers & Sculptors Society of Washington DC) - ‘Best New Artist’ with his bronze ‘African Elephant’ | MASF - 1st Prize ‘Sculpture & Scrimshaw Award’ for his ‘Family of Warthogs’.

2010 - RMS - Having 5 pieces accepted for 2 years running, was made an Associate member (ARMS).

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