Christina Hopkinson HS ARMS

Christina Hopkinson HS is a watercolour painter from Staffordshire whose specialist subject is birds.

Christina is a member and former Trustee of the Association Of Animal Artists and was the winner of their 2018 Inaugural Chairman’s Award. In 2020 Christina started to paint birds in miniature and went on to join the Hilliard Society Of Miniaturists and the Miniature Art Society Of Florida.

In 2022 she was awarded the ‘Jack Sprague Tribute Award for Best Miniature By A First Time Entrant’ by the Miniature Art Society Of Florida for ‘Remember Me’.

In June 2022 she was awarded the Sue Lee Award for ‘Walking On Sunshine’ by the Hilliard Society Of Miniaturists and was awarded full HS qualification. She received ARMS status from the Royal Miniature Society in 2024.

Christina has had work exhibited in many exhibitions including the Royal Miniature Society’s 125th exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London. More information and work can be found on Christina’s website:

Blue-throated Macaw

Watercolour on paper 8cms x 6cms. 

Watercolour on paper (reference photograph Marton Hardy). Donated to Bird Endowment to raise funds for the Laney-Rickman Reserve in Bolivia where the critically endangered Blue-throated Macaw is protected. 

Walking On Sunshine

Watercolour on paper 6.5cms.

Winner of the Sue Lee Award at the Hilliard Society Of Miniaturists 40th Anniversary Exhibition in 2022

Robin In The Hedgerow

Watercolour on paper 6.5cms 

Remember Me

Watercolour on paper 6.8cms x 8.7cms

Winner of the Jack Sprague Tribute Award for Best Miniature By A First Time Entrant from the Miniature Art Society Of Florida.


Watercolour on paper 

Winner of the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery Award in 2023

Chaffinch At Lake Vyrnwy

Watercolour on paper 6cms x 8 cms