Welcome to The Hilliard Society of Miniature Art

The Hilliard Society is one of the foremost miniature art societies in the UK, bringing together miniature art collectors and artists from around the world, and dedicated to encouraging greater appreciation of this specialised art form. 

​On our website miniature artists can find information on materials, suppliers, exhibitions, books and how to join the Society. Collectors can view artwork in the members gallery, peruse the full exhibition online or commission a special miniature painting or sculpture. 

​Every summer we hold one of the largest International Exhibitions of Miniature Art in the UK in Wells, the smallest city in England. The 2015 Exhibition is available to view online and you are welcome to contact us for purchase enquiries throughout the year.

The most frequent comment from first time viewers of the miniature masterpieces is:​

​ Amazing, unbelievable detail, beautiful work! Never knew that such marvellous paintings existed! ​​ 


 25th June - 3rd July 2016
Please note the new dates and book accomodation early!
Hand-in by 19th April
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The Society is delighted to announce the election of  new President Joyce Rowsell BA RMS MAA HSF MASF MPSGS CPA NMMAS.

This year's Workshop during the Exhibition was a big success, our thanks to all the participants and tutors. ​ Why not join us next year?!